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We are located at 1547 County Road 39, Rte 27 in Southampton New York Just email us or call us to reserve your Party Statues
Contact the friendly staff at  631-283-5591  quick delivery and pick up available or you can save and pick up from our large Hamptons showroom

Think of the presentation effect of a talking ' prop ', such as a Cow, that makes facial gestures while ' lip syncing ' a message, such as, how good the IceCream is and what is on sale.
We can custom design any Animal, person or cartoon character to have endearing or other gestural motions to uniquely convey a message.

Source of Fiberglass custome Display statues Custom life size fiberglass resin outdoor statue - custom animatronics

Gold Award Statue
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Gold Award Statue not a oscar statue. This is award statue that can not be used for  oscar party statue

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